January 29, 2013

pink & gray wedding invitations

Yesterday, I showed you the bridal shower invites I helped Andrea design for her sister's wedding. Today, I'm showing you her sister, Melissa's, wedding invitations! Andrea sent Melissa my way, and as I've mentioned before, there's not many design honors greater than creating a bride's invitations for her big day.

Melissa told me she was easy to please, but she was a dream bride. I think we had this whole thing wrapped up in a day or two. (I love every bride, from bridezilla to couldn't-care-less - my job is to make you happy!)

She wanted something simple, and she wanted her pink and gray colors to shine, with a hint of modern swirls worked in as well. This is what we came up with for the invite:

I love the graphite backside with the pink swirls!

Melissa also needed to include an RSVP card - we went with post cards to save the couple money on return postage, and kept the same theme with this:

Melissa had this to say when she received the invites in the mail the week after she initially contacted me:
"We love the invites! They look so awesome! I have also been getting a ton of compliments on the shower invites, everyone loves them! Thanks for being so patient and easy to work with!"
I'm happy when my brides are happy! Contact me by using the link at the very top of the page - I'd love to help you plan invites for your wedding!

January 28, 2013

simple, modern bridal shower invitations

I've been blessed with amazing friends-turned-customers since I created Ten Tiny Toes nearly four years ago. One of them is my sweet friend Andrea, who lives in Ohio. Andrea and I have been commiserating over the fact that our sisters - our baby sisters - are both getting married this year.

Andrea needed a modern, yet simple wedding invitation for her little sister's bridal shower. Melissa's colors are gray and pink (interestingly enough, my little sister's colors are also gray and pink - it's The Color of 2013, apparently). Andrea sent me a few invites she'd found for inspiration, and this is what we came up with:

I love this adorable mixer - I'm thinking it might make a cute kitchen artwork printable down the road.


Andrea also wanted some custom, coordinating recipe cards that she could give to shower invitees to share their favorite recipe with Melissa. I love these cards - I'm thinking of making myself some! The "MMJ" in the background are her new initials - fun!

When we finished, Andrea had this to say:
"I ordered invitations for my sister's wedding shower from Alison - she was able to take my idea and turn it into an awesome invitation and recipe card!  I have gotten compliments from almost every recipient about how adorable the invitations are! I have worked with Alison more times than I can remember and she never ceases to amaze me with her creativity and ability to put my idea into the perfect invitations!"
These invites are for sale if you have a special day coming up! Just contact me (click Contact up at the top of the page), and I'll get you some pricing information.


January 25, 2013

vintage wedding invitations

A few months ago, a sweet bride named Kate* contacted me about custom wedding invitations. She was looking for something vintage, definitely with a tandem bicycle, and she wanted it to coordinate with the "feel" of her wedding venue. I should mention she's from the UK, only because a) I'm positively honored that she chose me to design something as important as her wedding invitations considering I'm wayyyy across the pond and b) you guys, I'm a huge Anglophile; I love the UK with every ounce of my soul.

This is what we came up with: 

I positively adore this sweet tandem bike

Kate's colors are navy and pink, and we wanted to include just a touch of pink into the design - we wrapped that into the RSVP card!

I LOVE how the final product looks. Kate was overjoyed with the results, and had this to say:
"I just wanted to say a final Thank You very much. They're great and I'm thrilled with all the work you've done. Thank you so much for your skill and patience."
Nothing thrills me more than to see a happy customer - especially a happy bride. If you're interested in wedding invitations for your big day - just click the Contact link at the very top of the page to send me a quick note!


*not her real name