February 21, 2013

sweet little save the dates

I really, really love your referrals. Last month, my friend Katie's mom, Sue, asked me to create some custom stationary for her niece's bridal shower. Sue wanted something fun, with bright colors, and they definitely needed to be personalized with the couple's names. This is what we came up with for Stephanie and Stephen:

Sue mentioned that we were on a specific timeline, which I was happy to oblige: we had to have the cards in Sue's hands by the shower date - she wanted to see Stephanie's reaction when she opened them. How sweet is that? Sue let me know that the cards were a hit - this is the best part of my job, I absolutely LOVE hearing how the final product was received, it makes it all worthwhile for me.


A few weeks later, the sweet bride herself, Stephanie, contacted me to see if I would be able to create custom save-the-dates for her and Stephen's upcoming wedding. What an honor! This cute couple knew exactly what they wanted - a postcard save-the-date with a loose "mail" theme. They wanted the look of the postal cancellation stamps as part of the design.

Their colors are coral and turquoise - such bright, fun summer colors! I love it.

Their wedding is in Colorado - so we added a cute little heart on the map.


People sometimes ask me what my "style" is - I definitely have a style that I'm naturally drawn to (brights, clean lines, circles, geometric patterns) - BUT I strive to always please my clients by designing what you want in a design. If you want more information on custom designs, just click to contact me.


February 20, 2013

400 fan giveaway!

Last night, my little facebook page hit 400 fans, and it's definitely time for a giveaway! I've said this before, but the sheer volume of fans that Ten Tiny Toes has never ceases to boggle my mind. I grew up in a tiny little town in Western Nebraska, population 282. The fact that this little dream of mine, that's now nearly 4 years old, has more followers than the entire town I grew up in has people? Blows me away. So thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

So let's get to it, shall we? There's 3 ways to enter, and the cute little Rafflecopter widget below will track all of your entries! You can follow Ten Tiny Toes on Facebook and on Twitter for one entry each, and leave a comment on this post for a third entry. Easy Peasy. Giveaway runs until Monday, February 25th at midnight.

To enter with a blog comment, just tell me what you're most looking forward to this summer!


 a Rafflecopter giveaway

February 12, 2013


Have you ever taken one of those left brain/right brain dominant quizzes? They're all over the web, but here's one from the Art Insitutute of Vancouver: http://www.wherecreativitygoestoschool.com/vancouver/left_right/rb_test.htm

These tests tell you, in theory, a general outline of whether you're more analytical or more creative, more practical, or a free-spirit.

Here's the funny thing about me: I break those tests. I'm neither-brain dominant. Every test I've ever taken shows that I'm squarely in the middle, give or take a few points. Sometimes lefty is a bit on top, sometimes my right brain wins by a few percentage points.

I don't think this proves the tests inaccurate (they're more anecdotal than anything, I realize) - I have friends who are Very Obviously Right Brained, and have known others who are Very Left Brained as well.

I tell you all of this because it's really the story of how Ten Tiny Toes came to be. (And also because that Mercedes-Benz ad is gorgeous!)

Until 2009, I was fully immersed in Information Technology - my day job that continues today. I'm an Analyst - my brain works in reason, and logic, and finding patterns in data, and strategizing ways to be more efficient. I love numbers, and black and white, yes and no, on or off.

After Brecken, my oldest son, was born, and Ten Tiny Toes began to grow (you can click over to the About page to get the full scoop on that), I realized for the first time how much of my creativity I'd let slip over the previous years. I earned a minor in Art in college, but prior to that, I was always creative - making crafts, designing "posters" on our state-of-the-art (now ancient) home computer, even just "drawing" in Microsoft Paint.

This little side job of mine is really and truly my passion, but by that same token, I'm not sure if I would love it as much if it were my full-time job. I think I need both in my life - the analytical to balance out the dreamer. The black and white to balance out the bright, vivid colors that I'm pulled toward.

When I read this ad, I see all these words on the left side and shake my head, because many of them are so me and then I read the ones on the right side and laugh because they're also so me.

I feel lucky to have made this little self-discovery, that my yin and my yang of a brain are fairly evenly matched. I'd love to hear where you fall on this scale - are you left-brained? Or right?